One Stop From The City

With Flemington Racecourse and Footscray
Park on either side, it is a unique setting: an
active centre surrounded by peaceful green
spaces, established residential areas and an
exceptional existing transport infrastructure.

West Melbourne Waterfront
sits at the centre of Footscray,
Kensington and West
Melbourne. With Flemington
Racecourse and Footscray
Park on either side, it is a
unique setting: an active
centre surrounded by peaceful
green spaces, established
residential areas and an
exceptional existing transport

Transport plays a critical role in connecting
people and communities and attracting the
best in retail and hospitality. West Melbourne
Waterfront is only 3.5km from the Melbourne
CBD (80% less than the average Melbourne
commute distance), only one stop to the city,
and seven minutes to city loop & CBD from
South Kensington Railway Station (450m
away), with trains stopping every five to ten

Less time spent travelling,
more time for life

Residents can save over 3 hours per week with work, shops, recreation and childcare facilities all within the one location. This constitutes a potential saving of 20% of the average time spent travelling on a weekday.

Only 1 stop to the city, 7 minutes to City Loop & CBD from South Kensington station, with trains stopping every 5–10 mins.

One Stop

West Melbourne Waterfront is only 3.5km from the CBD.



80% less than the average Melbourne commute


Office workers can save over1 hour and 45 minutes
per week compared to the average daily commute.



This results in 5% productivity boost with shops, recreation
and childcare on location.

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