Perri Projects

Perri Projects is a diversified private investment and property development group
that delivers much more than just outstanding places, communities and award-winning projects.

Across every project that bears our name, from bespoke apartments to exciting new precincts, our ethos is the same: to build carefully considered spaces of timeless quality.

It is why we collaborate only with people who are aligned with our values, people who work with the utmost integrity. From finance and construction to design and marketing, our partners share our commitment to quality developments with a real point of difference.

We listen and observe, a visionary team skilled at adapting to new markets. We are deeply aware of our responsibility to all stakeholders, including future occupants, local communities and the environment.

We believe in what we build, who we work with, and the legacy we leave behind, a quality of life people aspire to.

Foster + Partners

Founded 51 years ago by Norman Foster, Foster + Partners is a global studio for
architecture, urbanism and design, rooted in sustainability.

Since then, Foster and the team around him have established an international practice with a worldwide reputation for thoughtful and pioneering design, working as a single studio that is both ethnically and culturally diverse.

The studio integrates the skills of architecture with engineering, both structural and environmental, urbanism, interior and industrial design, model and film making, aeronautics and many more – our collegiate working environment
is similar to a compact university. These diverse skills make us capable of tackling a wide range of projects, particularly those of considerable complexity and scale. Design is at the core of everything that we do. We design buildings, spaces and cities; we listen, we question and we innovate.


OCULUS is a cross disciplinary design studio creating projects in the public domain that encourage multiple levels of engagement; connecting people with their environment and their community. With a commitment to projects that contribute to the public life of cities, that combine high levels of amenity with ecological sustainability from the design of parks and gardens, streets and public realm, mixed used precincts and infrastructural landscapes, through to architectural structures and furniture.

Fender Katsalidis

Founded on the philosophy of innovation through collaboration, Fender Katsalidis has evolved from a Melbourne-centric architectural practice, to a highly awarded, multi-disciplinary international design firm whose work now influences built environment thinking across the globe.

Specialists in multi-residential, cultural, commercial, aged care and hotel typologies, we seek and deliver holistic solutions in architecture, masterplanning, urban design and interiors—solutions notable not only for their design quality, but also their civic contribution and economic mindfulness.

To ensure such outcomes remain our hallmark— and expose the practice to new and different ways of thinking—we frequently bring together local and international consultant teams to work side-by-side with our own.

The quest for holistic solutions has also driven us to extend our expertise far beyond the expected. Fender Katsalidis was a pioneer, and remains a leader, in 3D virtual modelling and building information systems, while the Unitised Building system invented by practice co-founder, Nonda Katsalidis, continues to revolutionise construction timeframes and costs.

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Retention policies

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